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Monday, November 19, 2007

Greatest thing since sliced bread...

I read about how people were using eLance to write articles about their company and distribute it. I recently had my first experience using the site to help with some web programing. I was unsure if I could find someone who would be able to help me finish this site. Today I put up the details of the job and I had 4 bids within an hour of my post. This just amazes me how flat the world has become. Bids from Cali to India. As technology advances and we are able to communicate with more effectively, with more sources. The internet has grown by leaps and bounds since the Tech crash in 2000. I am excited to see what new advancements in web development bring during the next 7 years to the free world.

I will let you know how the process goes. I will award the project in two weeks.

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